Seriously, what kind of information would you expect from my blog by googling using this keyword?


I tried once, and I could see a link to my blog on the 4th page of the result, along with other results which have wide range of context. I don’t think this guy chose the link randomly. He must’ve had a purpose, whatever it could be.


Hmm… come to think of it, making posts based on search engine terms people used to find your blog is an advantage. Increasing the chance for your blog to frequently appear on search engine’s results.

Never mind, it’s stupid ;p

Blogging is so much more than concerning a traffic, right?
It’s about sharing your ideas and thoughts with other people.

Confused? Me myself don’t really know what I’m trying to say here :))


5 tanggapan untuk “Supaidi”

  1. Kyaaaahahahaha.. siapap lula itu supaidi.. huhuhuhu.. duniaaa.. makin aneh ajah.. *sigh*

    Gum: ah, ngaku deh ti. dulu sebelum operasi kamu masih pake nama itu kan? ato ‘wagiman’? lupa saya

  2. Bwahahaha… SUPAIDI??! HAHAHA.. Itu nama org ilang kali ya? Mungkin skrg org ilang bisa dicari lewat google.. HAHA..

    Gum: saya curiga itu salah satu CMS karya anak bangsa, seperti versi terbaru joomla yaitu ‘Mulan Joomla’

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