The Ultimate Googling Guide For Newbies

For those who aren’t familiar with google, they might not familiar with the term ‘googling’ as well.

To make it simple, googling simply means ‘to search on the web using google’. Of course they can always refer to wikipedia for any Internet terminologies. But some of them might not familiar with wikipedia also.

That’s why I created this ultimate guide. So, here we go.

First, you probably already know a web portal called Yahoo!, don’t you? So go there, type ‘’ in your web browser’s address bar (without any quotes), and hit enter. Wait until the portal fully loaded.

You should see a text box with ‘Web Search’ button by it, it’s called ‘the search box’. You use the search box to find anything on the web. Now type ‘google’ in it, locate from the result, and click.

When finally loaded, search anything you want using google.

That’s what googling is…

Thanks to Silent for the inspiring article.


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